Sail Home

i am a sailor i need to feel the water cool in my hand

as i trespass far to a a new beautiful land

i dangle my hand over the side

with cool waves my thoughts i bide

like a gypsy free of land so still

ill travel the water of my own free will

this ship will soon be sailing away

it will leave tomorrow… not today

i want it to take me to you my dear

though it may be very rough i fear

to cross the sea

so that i can share my life with thee

new pastures call me im restless now

this must be the only way how

and that this place here now holds only a memory old

new stories venture to be told

that my feet should tread a happier way

i need to live them in a new day

The glistening waves will take me to where

my heart will see no dispair

to a comfortable home with a fireside warm

filled with peace and love and calm

to end my days in this fashion

has hardly been a pashion

But a settling wish that must come true

As i wend my weary way to you IMG_0999


The days have gone by 
you have so travelled
Your soul, i can feel the strength  
You have roamed 
Connecticut, Carolina, Mexico, Arizona..many more….
Like a Native Indian that holds your soul, you gallop by on that steed!
You knowResting in your tipi now  their history, it’s in your hands
With the peace of the Pines trees, the winds, the rains 
Is this where your heart lies?
Are you are a nomad? A gentleman? A knight riding a horseback, an Indian, in wonderful headdress! I see you! 
I miss your voice, your love, your warmth, your protection, as once i knew it…..
 Your anger is quelled with the peace in your heart,  I know as you sit peacefully, that is your comfort
Your sight is your hearing and your heart is strong 
You have wisdom, cunning  and love
Most of all… love and a big heart 
That’s how I see it ….
 IMG_0370 (Edited)A man that roams America…

Fair Winds

Thou fair winds have set my course,

O’er land and sea beyond,

But now the barren landscape

Which is my heart

Has lost its journey stride,

Set thy course

Again and again

So I may never lose

Which way is thy heart

And your life and your love.img_0508

far away…..

if only you were here with me                                                                                                         img_1078to hold my hand each day

My heart feels full of love for you

But you are so very far away…

True love has no boundaries

Land and sea … or adversities can fade aside

The heavens so beautiful above

Will truly and can only be our guide

So if we are to share our love

It is and surely will be

And I will wait here for you

With love so patiently

one day you will be in my arms

Our hearts entwined as one

Is not just a dream I dream

This day will surely come

A peaceful prayer to keep

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.



To say…

to say good bye
i thought i knew you so well
as now the tears begin to quell
heartache fills my heaving chest
and my love inside is broken
shattered like pieces again
with tape and dreams but do now fade
like a broken glass with shattered edges still
and a half a glass to fill
ill take the road to where i go
i do not know
and where i belong
i know not still
its been too long
but ive wandered now for many years
and often withheld so many tears
whilst they still have fallen
down my face
and given me much grace to be
who i am
who will i become one day
time is not waiting for me
and many roads still to travel
i will go
with twisted turns and many words
that seem to whisper in my ear
you should not be here
but on my journey it was meant to be
that you would spend some time with me
for that i thank you the good moments i will precious hold
and love that was never to be told
but held deep and secret inside
whilst it screams so loudly to be alive
the pathway on is calling me
as over my shoulder ill take a last peep
and know these moments i cant keep
or make into something beautiful and real
and even for a single kiss to steal
so goodbye dear lover i knew you not so well
but for some reason i was meant to pass this time with you
and the moments i remember dearly will too
cherish and not be forgotten
as the autumn coolness begins to fill the air
and life seems to be unfair
but for me that is all i have known
as every piece of happiness has flown
From my heart
Is broken again
Please do refrain
From taking those pieces
And tossing them High
Into the sky
For I wonder where they would land


Write a diary?

People told me
Write a diary about your life
About the wonder heartache and strife
Well maybe I will
But still
Who wants to really care
About my “been theres”
My heart and soul has been shattered to bits
My sight is fading to a shade
Is this some cruel twist of fate
And now I try to open up a gate
To a pasture new
With a better view
I wake each morning with tears
I should not be here
With this fear
Each day
Will you hold me as I cry
Or rather just say goodbye?
Life like a dream is this reality
Time travels so fast
It’s my only enemy
I feel alone
They have all left
I have no-one here to share
If only…
It would ease my muddle
If only to have a cuddle
I will write this book
So then take a look
At my life
With all its strife
I’ll be your wife
If you can only find me…




Of equal distance is our love

and of equal length from past to present

each distance contains the celestial heart

at which point we must cross

our love in sky blue motion

moves like heavenly bodies

our love holds no place or time

but only ourselves

like echos resound

past sun and moon

past stars and sea

rise gently silent love

let our love be fixed

as every horizon shared

every stream of sunlight

immeasurable in distance

to a place unknown illuminate


Fair Winds

Thou fair winds have set my course,

O’er land and sea beyond,

But now the barren landscape

Which is my heart

Has lost its journey stride,

Set thy course

Again and again

So I may never lose

Which way is thy heart

And your life and your love.



Every day we weave our way and eventually we will find the place where we should be, whether it takes us back to old haunts or pastures new and as our paths entangle and some stop short when found their defined destiny with good time to spare whilst others can take all but a lifetime to find their resting peaceful place to end their final days ….by me Maureen Rose Mckenzie