The Weather

  • What do we Brits talk about most
    When we eat our tea and toast
    Why the weather is the favoured topic
    Whilst we tell the dog to hop it!
    I want to feel warm
    Not have this storm
    But then It’s too hot can’t stand the heat
    It’s nearly 90 below my feet
    Please cool down and stop me sweating
    The right weather I am never getting
    The sun it shines we feel such glee
    Then it’s raining in time for tea
    Snow men we make from time to time
    And then turns to ice and slush
    What a crime!
    Wind it roars and blows us away
    Whilst we try and walk in a normal way
    We moan and groan about our weather
    We can’t seem to get it together
    Is there not a topic we know more about
    Loudly I would like to shout
    Leave the weather to its own device!
    You will have fun in a trice!


When times are rough
I turn to you
I know you will
Help me see things through
Your kindness good words precious be
You say all the right words to me
When I’m alone you’re always there
To listen, hug, you really care
Tears fall from my saddened face
And you comfort me
With your loving grace
Patiently you will hear my woes
You bring joy to me from my head to my toes!
You help me see things more clearly
My dear friend I love you dearly
You are always there for me
To discuss over cakes and tea
And likewise all these things I do for you
We help each other see things through
To have a good friend
Both loyal and true
Is a most wonderful thing that can happen to you

I bought this hat…

I bought this hat

Not to share

It’s very good

Keeps out the glare

For my eyes

They are so glaucomatised

I do so try

Not to cry

But the mist is creeping

Inside I’m weeping

But each day

I must find a way

To find some joy

And oh boy!

Easy it is not

I’ve not forgot

The wonders I can see

Being taken from me

I’ll try to adjust

It is a must

So sounds I hear

Become now dear

So sing me a song

It’s won’t take long

To brighten my day

In a different way


Time is our only enemy

It chips away our life

Everything we do

Happiness or strife

Depends on time we have

On this earth it is only short

We think we have forever

But very soon we are caught

The days creep up on us

We think we have so many hours

Before we are pushing up the daisies

But want still to be pruning pretty flowers

We are told make the most of every day

As we move around and sometimes find it hard to play

Often we just want to ponder

And sit in a sunny field yonder

Not rush round all crazy

I really want to do exciting stuff

But honestly I feel quite lazy!

So remember that you won’t last forever

Your life creeps by year by year

Hold close dear friends family together

And enjoy each blessed moment you have each day

Please don’t forget that my dears is all I  say!

Empty Canvas

My canvas stays empty

Why should that so be

I am an artist with passion

I just want to see

I just want to see you ask

by that what do you mean

An idea to be creative

is something to glean

My canvas stays empty

My ideas are shaded with mist

I have ideas to sketch

I have a great big list

But my canvas stays empty

because my vision just cant see it

My heart wants to paint

But my eyes just cant do it

Once not long ago

my canvas was showered

With roses, poppies

and my beloved sunflowers

But my canvas stays empty

Cos my eyes wont let me see

What once was beloved

my precious art to me

So the canvas will change

It wont be a painting to ponder

but a heart felt with words

something different to wonder

My canvas is different

Though it cant be seen

But felt with the heart

So with the end of the tints

comes a new start

new beginnings are borne

Though i can only scorn

at this mist that is taking away

the sunny sunflower i love to this day

words to me spoken

words to be written

words to be remembered well

i can only tell…

you this is the start of something new

As my misty eyes open to a world

quite askew…



the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart – Helen Keller – deaf and blind from birth

Todays Prayer

Please say a prayer and have thoughts today

For those near and far away

Who have suffered under hands of atrocities

Whilst tempers outraged with terrible possibilities

In Manchester London Barcelona these  mindless acts

To destroy our lives we try and keep in tact

Pray for peace and kindness in this world

In Sira Afghanistan and more

We don’t hear all the news

Of places with no media views

Where innocent people suffer each day

In order that these madmen get their way

And destroy lives

It is barbaric

And such a waste of time … precious time…

Please let these crazy minded people see the light

And of our planet observe the plight!

The icebergs are melting

The water is rising

The ozone layer is getter larger

Every day it will become harder

To maintain our World

As once we knew

As amid the chaos that does spew

How can this beautiful planet survive?

We know that good will always prevail

And will rise above evil

Amid the ashes of the world

I can see fresh new shoots rising

Because there will always be a way

To shine forth with courage

And save the day!


Katy Cat Nerve Wrecker!

Katy cat are you here?

Now you know how i hold you very dear

But what can you sit on now?

Oh wow!

The iPad or my new shirt

A cushion or my just ironed skirt!

An Amazon box does take favour too

When you need to hide or feeling blue !

Don’t even take a leaving bow!

You just jump and growl

At The cat next door!

Oh! You’ve just  got it pinned to the floor!

You’re supposed to be a relaxing pet

But that is something I have to see yet!

You rush around like a looney cat

Under this and over that!

Knock over everything in sight

See the cat next door for a fight!

Sick on the carpet,please not!

Now your cat food I have forgot!

Well…My nerves are frayed

Today I prayed

That this pussycat would behave

And be cute

Not sit on my boot

But there you are in a box

You’ve scratched the sofa

And stolen my sox

You sit in Pollys dog bed without a blink

It really does make you think!

My lap you sit on with comfort too

And stick your claws in my arm oh phew!

The pain is that is like a needle jab

an injection from the doctors lab!

Sometimes you make me feel so cross

As you do really think you are the boss

Then at last you lay down and purr

With your beautiful face and lovely fur

So it is really all worth that while

To share with you your special style

Bringing peace and love

To my stressful life with passion

As you sit once again ony best cushion




Pier Walk

To walk along  the longest pier

In the world ! Wow one and half miles

Does give us sunny smiles!

Is so beautiful to do

And what a view!

If the water is still

The sun makes it glisten

And listen…

Sometimes it’s peaceful, silence

And then the seagulls

There they circle

Flying high or sitting on the bar!

There is nothing like it

To walk out on the water so far

Be upon the waves

Like Jesus walking on the water..

Have you thought of that?

The simili …

it’s true

Gives you stillness

The realness

Of our world, the earth, the sea

I’ve walked this pier since I was a child

Holding my fathers hand dear

Without a fear

And tasting the candy floss the icecream

The penny arcades, the aquarium… memories …

It’s now just like a dream…

Times travelled so far

And here we are

Now my guide dog Polly walks down with me

Cos you know, I can’t see…

My way so easily these days..

But hey!

The wonderful feeling

Of the water beneath my feet, not getting wet

Is to be held in awesome respect

For this great pier

Of the Victorian era

Will never give way

And I will always see the feeling

Of its awe so great

Perhaps taken for granted I feel

So perhaps you should steal

A moment to walk out there today

In the weather, come what may

And feel the presence of it

Be forever in the hearts of us who know it

It will be there … so walk out on the water with grace my dear friends …

Blooming Good

A lonely flower stood on the hill

No it had no host

And it was no daffodil
It stood up high
Looked at the sun
It’s blooming life
Had just begun
All the other flowers were fast asleep
Their little hearts
Yet to share and leap
Just buds not bloom
They too would shine but not so soon
Early was this little flower
Very meek but with power
It’s stem was strong
It’s petals firm
The world seemed crazy
It was a concern
But the flower held its head up high
And watched the mad world go by
Determined to catch the sun
And have some fun
With its beautiful grace
With a smile on its face
It held itself strong
And felt it did belong
Despite the adversity all around
It knew there was  love and happiness to be found …
From the ashes from whence it swelled
As each tear it quelled
Determined to feel the pace
And leave with no trace
The horridness of the past
So with  one fell blast
It’s bud became the most beautiful bloom
So very soon
A red red rose with petals like velvet fabric
Faced up to the sun with a certain magic
And graced this world
And a difference it made
Giving its peace and beauty amid the crazy parade
Of those wandering in thoughtless wonder
With no time to ponder
This rose with strength took on the world
No longer in a dark corner curled
With hard work and lots of toil
Uplifted from the fertile soil
And with its sunny disposition
Now was in a position
To change the bad thoughts with its positive air
Because it really did have a care
So shine up little rose
You came to early
And your life has been one big hurly burly
Good always rises from the evil
We know that for sure
As one closes there is another open door
Red red rose shine on bright
And take the day into night
And along the way
Good always wins over badness
Happiness will shine above those tears of sadness
Good always rises high
Jesus has shown us this by and by
His tortured body rose again
Amid the torture and the pain
His bullied body was deplete
But this world he again did meet
This is the symbol you must agree
That truth and honesty will always be
the master of our bodies and souls
And that justice is always our true goal