life will never be the same

life after the corona virus will never be the same… we all have been so close together, over populated, over intermate, crammed together on trains, in concerts, theatres, lots of children! and more, the Globe is staggering under the weight of all these people, structures built so tall to the sky, the polution, the throw away society antics of us all, throwing away things we dont want any more and throwing away each other when we dont want each other any more, cos we too fat or ugly or such like! the social media air brushing has a lot to be said for it.  Obesity here in the western world whilst in China they capture birds and bats in cages to sell and eat and what recipe do we get dealt! Well Corona virus 19 of course.

Our strength as humans is so great but at the same time we are so fragile and can be struck with a small blob of virus that can kill us better than any shot gun.

Take heed humans, we you have not so far and you have been struck by corona and you will never live as you have lived before in peace nor knowing you die from another panamdenic

May be we will all have to walk around in cyber suits like something out of Star Trek for the rest of our lives in order to stay safe from the virus.  Maybe we will value the ones we love and sacrifice something of ourselves in order to be part of their lives rather than the selfish tendancy we have towards our perfection of life as we look, feel and see

my sight is eaten away by glaucoma now it is not fair for sure and who knows where i will end up with this    who will i rely on to help me with this, it is awful to be sure…. my lot, i have been pushed and pulled and marginalised by all i meet, my family and people who say they love me…. but life is a survival game, of the fittest and if you dont fit you have to go…. im gone…


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