Autumn leaves 

Saturdays poem, as Autumn is upon us….

Autumn Leaves

The colours of the autumn leaves

Beautiful in their shades

as they gently fall and carpet the grass

They have memories of the summer

The sunshine

when it shone on their foliage

and everything was bright and warm

and fruitful

Now they go bright with fall beautiful tones

before they crumple and die

in the earth

They bed deep and form the new earth

to grace the new saplings shoots seeds and all 

and begin again in Spring

to grow tall 

We are all but leaves that thrive and grow and reach to the sun

and when all is done

we will be taken to the earth

to be reborn again

for something new in the World

Is ever evolving

The Day Is Done

The day is done

The night is here

Time has gone

I have a tear

Many years of happiness

I have the memories

It has all been good

But now the darkness

Has come over

There is no choice

How strong the voice

Perhaps the sun will shine again

A streak of light can just be seen

To bring back the happiness

That I once held in my heart

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Polly is my fold up Guide Dog 

Hello everyone, this is Saturdays poem, as you know i am very grateful to have Polly my Guide Dog, though each day it is often difficult to go anywhere without any attention, which whilst it is lovely, though, sometimes, just sometimes it would be nice to be a little bit annonomous, as was once when i could see and did not need a Guide Dog!
Polly is my fold up Guide Dog!
Polly is my fold up Guide Dog

i take her everywhere with me

she fits in nicely wherever i sit

and doesnt take up much room, not a bit

under the table in a corner small

she is no trouble to me at all!
The other day

we went for a lovely Afternoon tea

My faithful friend

and me

And she doesn’t really drive me round the bend!

As so much love to her people send!

She gets so much attention

Goodness me!

As lovely so is she 

I just want a cuppa tea!

And not deal with all the fuss that’s abound

She really is such a social hound! 
But a sausage she was given

She thought that that was heaven!

As we sipped upon our tea 

A lovely scone and jam for me

Cakes iced and sandwiches small

It was the most lovely afternoon of all!

With friends from Chatt Inn

All merry laughing and having fun

At the lovely Attic Cafe 

Where beautiful staff

Made us so welcome!
But Guide Dogs are very special you understand 

so our life without vision is not so bland

to us blindies they bring much luck

Even though they still roll in muck!

On the grass and sand

licking every sticky hand

And pinching biscuits 

When your not looking

And all the crumbs 

Whilst you are cooking 

And bark at cats

And sniff their way 

And really enjoy their doggy day!
The Guide Dog discipline is installed 

In them from a puppy small

Which makes them well behaved 

And no trouble to us at all!

when she is not being a “real” dog 

a well trained Guide, so you are all agog!

but she loves having fun with you and also me!

and is a true treasure you have to agree

Now that it is difficult for me to see far

I wouldn’t be without my little star

She is a super duper Guide Doggy that is it

And no other profession for her would fit!

so three cheers for Polly doodle guide dog girl today!

is what i want you all to say!

bye bye!

Long Distant Relationship

This day is newAnd here I am

I would never have believed 

This would be the score

For me what is life’s law

And that I would 

End my days like this 

Without that kiss

That tapers me 

To be

Who I should really be

Loved and cared for 

In your arms 

With all your charms 

That I should see

And not go blind 

With days and happiness 

I should find 

With you in my heart

Well it’s did start

But reality bears no fame 

In this life it’s like a game 

Playing with my delicate heart

And meet me only in media methods 

So how can that be

That you love me

When my hand you don’t hold

And not take a chance and be bold

To be with me 

In reality 

There is so much media love 

To share 

It happens 

the wind blows in the westit will put me to the test


i see it 

cant believe it

time passes so fast

another shaddow has been cast

and what am i to do

time holds no mercy

for me

nor anyone


in this world

it ticks by and that is it

please let me be free

what will be will be

i do not understand what it is to do

will i every be through

let me have the peace

and be free

 and let all see

that i will be here with you

forever more