ice queen (in progress)

The ice queen waved her magic wand

And everywhere was snow

Icicles just glistened

 She made them glow

and glow 

She laughed out loud

As everywhere was cold 

She was so very frosty and glazed and mean and bold

She raced around the land 

On her stallion

Pure and white I

if you saw her pass by 

She’s sure to give you a fright 

Different Worlds Apart

the way people live now is so different.  in olden days, as they say everyone stayed in the village and worked and lived and died there, in a close knit family . Farming, simple trades, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers….

Now…Whooosh!  You have a child it whizzes off to University or meets a guy on the internet and they gone!  They find work somewhere else and thats it, the family are scattered all over the place.  Add to that divorce and separation and what do you get, a stack load of lonely middle aged to aging people.  What do they do nowadays? They go and live together in Retirement Apartments or Villages or Caravan parks even!  What a Word! Then the final step, you sit in an old peoples home waiting to die in the vain hope that one of your family who are of course extremely busy will come and see you.

The sky is full of planes rushing from one country to another, the roads filled with cars, the tracks with trains, very important people rushing around doing very important things…..

Life is bonkers, do we ever remember to be humble and how unimportant we really are as we puff ourselves up in this outfit that really is survival of the fittest like any in the animal world.

Enjoy as best you can your life and dont let anyone steal your thunder, strive through the dark bits and seek the light

God bless everyone….

he made it but hes going to let you get on with it come good days and bad

The Swing

When I was a child

I remember the swing

In the garden

My dad had made it of wood

And there it stood

sat on the swing

So high I swung

It was the dawn

Fresh day

My life just begun

The dew on the grass glistened Like a million little lights

I imagined they were fairies

As they twinkled bright

I’d swing higher and higher

As high as I could

On the dear old swing

Made of wood

It creaked very much

But I didn’t mind

It was a great feeling

No other kind

Swinging high

So high

Then off I’d jump

With a thump

The birds were singing

And the day so quiet

Like me

I said not a word

Whilst the whole of the World could be heard

I’d listen

And watch those fairies glisten

It was another day

Childhood days so innocent I cherish themIn my memory

Peaceful days

Of happy times

No strife

Just a simple family life

With my mum my dad my brother My aunties and uncles Cousins grandmothers

Our pet dog

A budgie too

Life was just grand

Through and through

We all got on,we laughed a lot, we loved each other

Happy days Days like this there could be no other

We’d meet for tea and celebrations

Tea the very heart of our nation!

Around a table altogether

Whatever the climate

Whatever the weather

Happy daze

Image may contain: 2 people, shoes, dog, child and outdoor

Photo of my brother and I on the swing with our dog Trixie

second verse

Have patience for those around you
And understand their feelings
We all have different premise
with very different meaning
tis true
As you rush around in your “busy” world
remember to take hold of what is good and true
and have some thought
for those that need
and truly dearly love you


Take a moment to have peace 

Take a breath

And sit quietly 

Do not judge 

Do not ridicule 

Do not listen to the gossiping 

Have strength in your humble status 

Let those with anger and ridicule pass you by

As you breath in peace 

None of this matters 

But the peace you have In your heart

Which is the strength 

Which will take you forward 

To where you need to be 

With Gods grace S

Set you free 

Christmas Tree

little Christmas tree

just look at me

with my tinsel and my lights

i am so pretty

light up the room

im cheerful with all my might

ill have some present put around the floor

and we will have some fun

such fun

like never before

toys aplenty, chocolate santas

bottles of coke and some orange fanta!

Cant wait to have some fun at Christmas time

So sing a song and make it a happy time

rant on rosy…..

this is a rant only – my situation – i was referred to Birmingham Eye Clinic from Shrewsbury eye clinis as i have advanced glaucoma to have an Aqueus shunt implant to drain the fluid that causes glaucoma, as the drops dont work and the tablets they give you make you feel like you cant move. This was over 17 weeks ago! During this time, i have lost loads more vision, the net curtain is thickening and i sent a message to the hospital via PALS few days ago to see what was happening with this. It could help stop me losing all my sight it is a possibility but whilst i have waited all this time i have lost loads of sight! I sat here this moring with Katy my cat on my lap wondering how on earth i am going to cope on my own in this increased mist situation when i receive the call from hospital today. So the best they can do is give me a pre-op appointment for 9th December and no sign of the op til New Year. The lady on the phone asked what else could she do, i said a pair of bionic eyes would be helpful so i could see to do my shopping and practical things in life as normal. Birmingham hospital is hour and half aways drive, so will have to cadge a lift. If i was in Southend, it would be 10 minutes or even walk of 20 and my brother would take me. At this moment in time i feel numb with looking through a thicker net curtain grateful for having Katy on my lap purring and trying not to cry and feel very lonely with it as dont have a partner or husband to make me a cuppa or lend a shoulder to cry on…. life is pretty much lemons….when Christmas spirit should begin to prevail… and i guess, going to the hospital could be a risk with this COVID thing going on? So what do i do, not bother with it in case i catch COVID or take a chance and perhaps save a bit of my eyesight thats left? I am going to move back to Southend then have it done there in handy locality? i am now really fed up with all the traipsing i have done from one of the county to another, ousted out of my marriage home by my bullying husband in my comfy home in Hockley, where i loved living to live in Southend and then coming up here to be near Chrissy and Mike which is very nice but i feel very lonely and isolated and out of my depth as dont know the area very well and sustained more sight loss since been here as well as a panamdemic! When i first came here i had much optismism maybe too much and my sight was actually good for what it was and had planned to carry on my counselling course and other activities and didnt need lots of help but really since the pandemic my sight has got worse, so maybe it is the stress of it all moving, change, panamdemic or maybe it would have happened anyway. Either way it is lemons that need to be sweetened and practical solutions with happiness thrown in as a welcome bonus,

so it must be easy to find your underpants in the morning must it and make your dinner if you cant see!


The World seems to be upside down
we laugh we smile we hide a frown
Our purpose once so important and everlasting
has surely taken on a new casting
this stage we set ourselves upon
as we rush around
and look beyond
always striving to do the best
and putting ourselves to the longest test
when really we animals in human clothing
as we hate, love, bully and often loathing
others who are better than we
if we sit and take it easy
we are seen to be twee!
life is a game
survival of the fittest
birth, live, wear out die
thats what we do
with an interlude of importantance just in view
we should really just take time to be with our families
that is what we need the most
please give a toast!
to that!
the other stuff just doesnt matter
families should be together
and that is that
the blood flows through us and should be as one
and if not
we fall apart
and the day is done
the World 2020
has stretched too far
and now its at a crux
and will need a bar
to appreciate the simple things in life
like birds singing
and a simple life
so take is easy
strive for less “things”
they dont make you happy
just sing
with your family and friends
not in little boxes on your own
where you will just die with a groan


Here is a little ditty for Saturday, not done a poem in ages, this is a pix of my children when they were young playing in the snow, many moons ago! they are grown up now. I wonder if it will snow this year?
the snow has fallen
oh what fun
my children go out
look cute
its just begun
snow ball fights
and snow men too
slip slidding on the frost
is something you just have to do!
its really cold and icy
but we dont care
there is so much fun to share
on a snowy winter day together
we dont really mind the weather
we jump and laugh and have such laughs too
the snowy world is such a lovely view!
Then once we have had enough and feel chilly
will go indoors no willy nilly (whatever that means!)
and mum and dad will have hot chocolate for us
take off our wet clothes and make a fuss
and comfy on the sofa we will be
to watch some cartoons on the TV!
Til next time when we venture out
like a little girl guide or boy scout
and play outside
it is the best
fresh air in our lungs whatever the weather
rain snow or shine and just being together

letter to Toni my counsellor

Hi Toni
thank you for your email.
The list of tips was very good
I sent an email regarding the badge to buy but did not get a reply, please resend link
I am still sustaining further sight loss to glaucoma.  It is like a fading picture with more white mist and millions of little black and white dots, it is horrible to be sure but am getting more determination to stay independent.  I did not cry this morning.  I usually wake and am very upset.  Today the vision is a lot worse.
I have just had my tescos delivery of food so have to put that away shortly. 
Not much else planned for the day but may go for a walk later.
Yesterday i went for a walk witha lady from The Ramblers at social distance of course which was nice to get out and go for a longer walk with my Guide Dog.  I felt i had acomplished something after that and a bit healthier too though a bit tired this morning.
I still can see a bit but am worried when it will all go to white mist as dont feel prepared for it and espcially being on my own here.
I have Soundscape on my iphone, i find the voice over very difficult to use and was wondering whether to get an android phone with voice over do you know which ones have this, i will ask the RNIB tech group.
So today i will take it easy and get used to a further layer of sight loss Toni
I hope this finds you well and staying safe also
kind regards