The other day my echo started reading a chapter from a book I had on audio about our bodies and lives and mentality . It was saying home laughing Is healthy and having a purpose . Then it stopped and started playing Nat King Cole songs, my mums favourite …. I think my mum was here … Is here with me … she was… she is….book is Age Proof by Professor Anne Kenny ….

The continuing antics of Izzie and Mark

What a lark
Izzy and Phoebe
Met one day
With grandad Mark
Just to play
Now what a to do
I have to say
As he put them in a linen basket ! Hey!
Up and down
He shook them around
As they giggled and shreaked
Oh what a sound!
More more said Izzy
Let’s get dizzy!
As she laughed and wriggled
Whilst Phoebe thought
I’m all in a tissle! (Might not be a real word to be honest!)
They had fun
And never lonely
As grandad Mark
Played at being a pony
Izzy rode on his back
And said gee up grandad
Quickly move
Get in the grove
Of being that horse
Let’s gallop the course
At last fun was over
It was time for tea
And Izzy and Phoebe
Sat there just twee!
Thank you grandad
It’s been such fun
Our little lives have only just begun
You are old and wise
And it’s only a disguise
For a cheeky grandpa
Full of tricks and laughter
And we will for sure
Live happily ever after!
By Rosy Mck

11 hour

Remembering all those lost in the pointless task of war between humans . May humans one day rise in mentality and share and make the World a safe place for every man woman and beast rather than try and destroy each other through greed and self contentment

We strive forward with technology and development of new ways to make easier whilst lonely people sit in their rooms messaging hundred of Facebook friends on an app it’s crazy world


Last night I dreamt i was living in a Victorian house by the sea. I had a wonderful bookcase with loads of books and at the bottom was a row of toys sitting there. Great I though just right for when my family come and visit . My daughter was there, she said “hey mum, this is great!”

When I looked out the window I could see the sea lapping on the beach

The stairs were steep but it was ok . We were all happy …. Chrissy her brothers and I

Peace in the place you need to be to be happy

Whether it is in a shack on the edge of a precarious ledge or a mansion of great wealth . Remember that, possessions don’t make you happy but being with those you love and care for does ….

Autumn Leaves

The summer has said a fond farewell

It’s getting cooler I can tell

The leaves are rustling on the ground

Fallen acorns to be found

Squirrels squirrel them for the winter time

So that’s just fine

A hoard of food

So that’s all good

I feel them crunch under my feet

As I walk along the street

Acorns leaves and tiny branches

All along the Woods and Arches

I can’t see the lovely colours these days

It’s all a haze

Of white misty blurr

To others it does not occur

As they go about their busy lives

And I sit here and try to work out what to do…

My heart is beating and I’m just fine

But my vision is on a steep decline

And left alone I now be

As people rush about their day

And not say hey

Come out with me

For lunch or tea

The winter leaves are falling

And new climes are calling

Damp down

To be trodden down


By those you hold dear

No matter what you say

Their strength takes over

You have no say

Nor can be heard

Just as it was

When my shopping was thrown to the floor

And the bad words shouted at me

So I’m ignored

In darkness


The only thing to do

Is to go

And leave them

Go far away

As far as possible

Or bury deep

In the soil

All this cruelty

I can’t take it

Just as their fathers mind

It’s just the same

It is easy to tread on me

With my soft bones

And their loud voices

I pray to sleep ….


The weathers very warm
The rivers getting sparse
They tell us it could flood
Seems like they don’t know their arse… from thier elbow
As the World is heating up
As men of power carry on wars
Pandemics will increase
We need to open doors
To save our planet
Not destroy
For the future
For every girl and boy
The way we act is crazy
Relationships are lazy
No respect for one another
Kindness seems to be a bother
So perhaps mankind’s days are numbered
We are so encumbered
Only in our gain
And nothing will be the same
Social media has taken its toll
And we gather friends afar
By a mere click on a phone
And a cheery little tone
Just sit for a minute
And ponder what you do and say
To others
If it’s not too much bother ….
I can’t see much these days
I miss my lovely kids
They are admist
This crazy World
Thinking they know
There is everything to know
Globalisation has taken our family state
And it all feels too late
To make it right again
But there is hope in my heart
Every day
That I will see them all again ….