Life learn be humble and strong

When you are young you think you know it all, it’s not until you are older that you realise you don’t . You have strong convictions about calibre of people, what you accept and your beliefs

Stay humble, appreciate and be kind to people around you

No matter how clever you are, how many degrees you have, stay humble and remember where you came from .

Some of the most kindest people in the World are those who are not clever, not rich, not well dressed or well educated but have kindness and sincerity in their souls

I sit here and am nearly completely blind with glaucoma. I messaged my son yesterday and he told me to stop harassing him, this hurts to the quick doesn’t it, that child I brought into the World and looked after and taught to read, wiped his face and bum and I sit here alone and he can’t even take one minute to speak to me.

My daughter has left her husband and won’t speak to me either

I hear other parents in the same situation that their children won’t speak to them

This is a very sad situation

The world is a crazy place now

All i wish is to find somewhere quiet to live with amicable company and if my children don’t want to speak to me because I’m blind then that is very sad

I had respect for my parents and was always polite to them . I did not treat them the way I have been treated

I think divorce causes this and marriage breakdown. My husband turned into a bullying monster shouting swearing thumping doors and threatening… he scared us all… he never apologised for his awful behaviour, he should have gone… left us in peace …

I left… what did he do… marry some one down the road as soon as he could … pay no maintenance for his own children and take on hers calling them his own … I supported my children before they went their own ways

This is not how I wanted it to be… i am being punished for it ….

I’ve made mistakes, made bad choices, am empathetic and take the insults denigration from those around me who trample on me like a piece of dirt and don’t bat an eyelid

This is all I can say…

I pray i can spend the rest of my life in peace with people who can respect my situation

God bless you all

In this crazy greedy world where humans supposedly the most intelligent are surely the most stupid ….

Happy flipping Christmas

I hope everyone is ok? Seasons greetings! Christmas hype is busy for some, sad for others. This ritual of excitement, presents, lights, food to brighten the winter months leading up to the 25th Dec when Jesuses birth is celebrated . I have loved all this with great joy as a child with my family my lovely mum and dad aunties cousins etc and with my children . This year I feel very saddened at recent circumstances and quite honestly overwhelmed and isolated and just want to cry buckets. I’ve made a complete mess of my life, been pushed and pulled in all directions by those I love and loved and made wrong decisions and bad moves affecting them. I have this awful glaucoma in my eyes now which is driving me bonkers as can’t see a flipping thing and feel weary. Dear God give me some peace and solace and keep my children safe and healthy is all I ask as I place this rant on Facebook a social media platform . I forgive those that have said nasty things to me and treated me badly with their bullying and harsh words in the past . And give me the strength to carry on . Fight flight or freeze… I have taken flight so many times, keep moving … I long for consistency stability and love and kindness and company
God bless everyone, may people see the importance of their loved ones without bullying and nastiness through their own frustrations and weaknesses .
There are so many divorced women and men I have met, women being bullied by their husbands and leaving, or they are having affairs with other women ….and so on….
and the World full of war still . It’s crazy .
Humans need to “grow up” be less greedy and selfish and think of the planet and people in it

I wish I could turn the clock back, I can’t
When my husband and I lived in Barnet and i had a job i walked to work I should have kept my job and had child minder for my baby daughter . He would not have had to commute to London from Hockley where we moved to be near my family and got stressed and angry and smoked that awful pot which made him crazy and mad and scared me and my children off .

When he did. I should have stayed in my marital home for my children’s stability at school and myself too in familiar ground
Not moved to Southend in some stupid little flat…then house in Colchester road

And then… I moved up to Shrewsbury to be near my daughter and I thought this is it … I felt safer and warm to be near her and her husband . But she pushed me away… my eyesight was getting worse . It’s scarey… the demise of their marriage manifested in the way they dealt with me , it was not comfortable. Shrewsbury is a lovely place much nicer than Southend on sea but I panicked and got manipulated by my brother to come back here . I hate it and my eyesights worse … I want to go back to Shrewsbury …
When I first was there I was happy my eyes were not too bad and I had my hair done by Sarah
Joined Shire choir. Oxon church drumming met Mark a lovely man in wales
Tanya my lovely PA. Would have lunch with Chrissy and Mike, walks etc. Polly and Betsie their dog were great friends …

So now… I sit here in Southchurch my latest flight path , alone , with Katy cat on my lap and Polly guide dog , half blind and alone ….

How strong do you have to be ….

I must move on and find some company and love and kindness to end my days in peace

I will ……I must not be that plank that people walk all over …even if I can’t see…

I apologise to all concerned if i have done the wrong thing

Happy Flipping Christmas 🎄 🧑‍🎄

Flight or fight

Ever since my eyes had their demise

A flight I have taken

My World it has shaken

No one knows what I go through day by day

They run away


So they don’t have to deal

With the way that I feel

If kindness I had

My eyes would not be so bad

Give me some peace

Love and kindness

Don’t go away

Please stay ….

Sunny Katy

Sun shine on my pussycat Katy

You took the back seat when Polly Guide Dog came along

But you still sing your song

You are a little beauty

Who always does her duty

Sitting on the new couch

Scratching it again! Ouch!

And all the other little things you do

So we know that you are you!

You love to sit in the sun

And lap up all the heat

Which is pretty neat 

For pretty girl like you

To do

Love you Katy cat


The other day my echo started reading a chapter from a book I had on audio about our bodies and lives and mentality . It was saying home laughing Is healthy and having a purpose . Then it stopped and started playing Nat King Cole songs, my mums favourite …. I think my mum was here … Is here with me … she was… she is….book is Age Proof by Professor Anne Kenny ….

The continuing antics of Izzie and Mark

What a lark
Izzy and Phoebe
Met one day
With grandad Mark
Just to play
Now what a to do
I have to say
As he put them in a linen basket ! Hey!
Up and down
He shook them around
As they giggled and shreaked
Oh what a sound!
More more said Izzy
Let’s get dizzy!
As she laughed and wriggled
Whilst Phoebe thought
I’m all in a tissle! (Might not be a real word to be honest!)
They had fun
And never lonely
As grandad Mark
Played at being a pony
Izzy rode on his back
And said gee up grandad
Quickly move
Get in the grove
Of being that horse
Let’s gallop the course
At last fun was over
It was time for tea
And Izzy and Phoebe
Sat there just twee!
Thank you grandad
It’s been such fun
Our little lives have only just begun
You are old and wise
And it’s only a disguise
For a cheeky grandpa
Full of tricks and laughter
And we will for sure
Live happily ever after!
By Rosy Mck

11 hour

Remembering all those lost in the pointless task of war between humans . May humans one day rise in mentality and share and make the World a safe place for every man woman and beast rather than try and destroy each other through greed and self contentment

We strive forward with technology and development of new ways to make easier whilst lonely people sit in their rooms messaging hundred of Facebook friends on an app it’s crazy world


Last night I dreamt i was living in a Victorian house by the sea. I had a wonderful bookcase with loads of books and at the bottom was a row of toys sitting there. Great I though just right for when my family come and visit . My daughter was there, she said “hey mum, this is great!”

When I looked out the window I could see the sea lapping on the beach

The stairs were steep but it was ok . We were all happy …. Chrissy her brothers and I

Peace in the place you need to be to be happy

Whether it is in a shack on the edge of a precarious ledge or a mansion of great wealth . Remember that, possessions don’t make you happy but being with those you love and care for does ….