Last night I dreamt i was living in a Victorian house by the sea. I had a wonderful bookcase with loads of books and at the bottom was a row of toys sitting there. Great I though just right for when my family come and visit . My daughter was there, she said “hey mum, this is great!”

When I looked out the window I could see the sea lapping on the beach

The stairs were steep but it was ok . We were all happy …. Chrissy her brothers and I

Peace in the place you need to be to be happy

Whether it is in a shack on the edge of a precarious ledge or a mansion of great wealth . Remember that, possessions don’t make you happy but being with those you love and care for does ….


Author: Rosy

I became interested in poetry and try to write about things from my heart that are associated with events in my life or events going on in the World at large or closer to home. I am a visual artist and still am to a certain extent having exhibited some of my work as a visually impaired artist using sponges to paint. I have lost most of my eyesight in recent years to advanced glaucoma and my vision is now very limited I am finding my creativity now evolving in writing poetry and hope to publish my own book of verse in the future. I have a blog page on Wordpress where I share my poetry, art, photography, thoughts and favourite quotes and prayers at https://rosypoems.com

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