Mental Abuse

abuse does not only have to be physical as you know, mental abuse however subtle can affect you badly and make you feel awful, my husband did this to me in the past…

when we went shopping he would throw my shopping on the floor that i put in the shopping basket

he called me fat and ugly and no good in bed

he would shout at me and blame me for everything and roar loudly and put his fist through the door

he would not come off the internet so that i could call my mum when we had only one line to use and had one or other to use on pc or phone

he would blame me for everything from the beginning of time to the present day

i was once an independent woman working and got married and stayed at home to look after the children and this is what happened. Yes it took a long time to get back to work but it is not easy when you have no support only critism and no one wants to help you with it. rather than shouting at me as i didnt have a job some support and encouragement would have been nicer at the time.

if i said i was not feeling well and wanted to go to the doctors he would ignore it and swear at me and not take me willingly and ignore me

when going to the beach with my two sons i remember he bought them each and himself an icecream and not me.

it felt horrible the way i was treated by the man who i loved and married and had my children with. He was stressed i realise that now as no one should act like that but there seemed to be no resolve and we ended up parting, it affected the children for sure.

when you are there in it all you cant see why it is happening, he was taking canibis as well and stronger versions which have affect on the brain, this was for sure, which i didnt realise.

i was always a quiet person and stayed away from conflict and arguing types, had a quiet childhood and happy family life.

its a shame, i just wanted to be married to the same man all my life the father of my children, well that hasnt happened.

My dad said later to me that he never liked my husband, when he came to visit he would never take his coat off as he just wanted to leave as soon as he could. He didnt like the way he shouted at the children or made them go up to their bedrooms for silly things.

well i made a mistake didnt i, but three great children as a result

thats a rant off my chest

it is a shame i just wanted a happy close knit family and ended up with this…

now alone and with sight problems, in a pandemic!

i have my lovely Guide Dog Polly with me at the moment…. thank goodness and my cat Katy

Animals are lovely , they dont critisize, are loyal, always pleased to see you and

Author: rosyhaze

I became interested in poetry about a year ago and try to write about things from my heart that are associated with events in my life or events going on in the World at large or closer to home. I am a visual artist and still am to a certain extent having exhibited some of my work as a visually impaired artist using sponges to paint. I have lost most of my eyesight in recent years to advanced glaucoma and my vision is now very limited I am finding my creativity now evolving in writing poetry and hope to publish my own book of verse in the future. I have a blog page on Wordpress where I share my poetry, art, photography, thoughts and favourite quotes and prayers at

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