no one understands do they? when you say you are struggling, feel lonely, cant cope…. as your eyesight is fading…. what happens you get told take some anti depressants! they will help? Will they? will they help my loneliness, will they help me find my underpants in the morning cos i cant see clearly? Will they help me do chores round the house which are now a struggle? no of course they wont but they will shut me up, dampen my spirit and those other fit able bodies who think it is a good idea will be happy! Dont get me wrong, i think mind altering drugs are great if they help you through life but they are not an alternative to life, so that those around you dont have worry about you or keep you company in your hour of need.

Happy Days, i have had many in the past, happy days now, no, alone in a bungalow in Shropshire with continued sight loss, drugs that have side effects that are so awful and threatening to health you wonder why they invented these drugs in the first place, in the middle of a pandemic to boot! Now thats some luck!

I think too, if you dont have a side kick, husband, partner or whatever you call your loved one, people are very quick to boss you around and try and arrange your life for you. They also speak very loudly and sometimes crossly…. as though you are cant hear either…

i am definitely up the creek without a paddle at the moment, i hope it can change or get better, the worst thing is being on your own near on 24/7 …. humans are social beings and this is killing if nothing else….

Author: Rosy

I became interested in poetry about a year ago and try to write about things from my heart that are associated with events in my life or events going on in the World at large or closer to home. I am a visual artist and still am to a certain extent having exhibited some of my work as a visually impaired artist using sponges to paint. I have lost most of my eyesight in recent years to advanced glaucoma and my vision is now very limited I am finding my creativity now evolving in writing poetry and hope to publish my own book of verse in the future. I have a blog page on Wordpress where I share my poetry, art, photography, thoughts and favourite quotes and prayers at https://rosypoems.com

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