Trying to write

I would like to write a book of some sort , I think the way something is written far out ways the content, you can turn a simple event into something funny or interesting if you have the right writing skills to do so, I wrote this this morning as a practise and wondering what to write, a story of mystery, my life if I could make it funny and amusing if not sad….what to write any suggestions?
I have had advanced glaucoma for 7 years . It is difficult for people to understand sight loss who don’t have it and it’s process. I get on my family’s nerves as i am continually saying how I can’t see as much as yesterday but it is like a fading picture which you wonder when will run out and you feel like you are crying wolf for help all the time. My sight is like a faded picture now i feel very upset, in sepia and can rarely see people’s faces and my peripheral vision has gone . I have met some lovely people here too but I feel out of depth with it all and wish I was back in my house with familiar surroundings and people and a partner to give me a hug . I think how can I get back? Get out of this situation. And feel safe not lonely as I am here. I pray to God to show me the way and keep my family safe from this awful virus. Overwhelmed and trying to stay normal is not easy as the million little black and white dots appear before my eyes in increasingly larger amounts. I have been far too optimistic with my situation and am now feeling out of depth . I envy people in long term marriages and relationships with good health and buzzing around enjoying lots of things in life. I remember going skiing with a previous partner and long to whizz down the mountains in France again . To swim in the warm ocean , see beautiful scenery and walk for miles in the countryside. Instead I am in isolation in a faded world waiting for the pandemic to end and coping with sore glaucomatised eyes . It all seems very unfair deal that I have been dealt. Give me the keys do open a brighter future for me . I long to see my sons too and have that semblance of a family around me as I did once many years ago, there is nothing like it rather then sitting here in this loneliness. It’s lovely to see my daughter pop in once a day for short time , who would have thought our lives would be pandemicly orientated and I this awful glaucoma
The basis of this is coping with glaucoma . If it was as easy as some pertain it should be for me to cope with I should be ok but somehow the reality is very different. Please give me a new set of eyes and I will be able to cope with anything! Not a good idea really to relocate with advanced glaucoma and pandemic in thros
I could cope with the isolation I am very creative and would be very busy gardening painting anything ! Glaucoma go away!

Author: Rosy

I became interested in poetry about a year ago and try to write about things from my heart that are associated with events in my life or events going on in the World at large or closer to home. I am a visual artist and still am to a certain extent having exhibited some of my work as a visually impaired artist using sponges to paint. I have lost most of my eyesight in recent years to advanced glaucoma and my vision is now very limited I am finding my creativity now evolving in writing poetry and hope to publish my own book of verse in the future. I have a blog page on Wordpress where I share my poetry, art, photography, thoughts and favourite quotes and prayers at

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