Katy my Guide Dog pussycat

Katy sat upon the mat

thinking about this and that

along came Polly Guide Dog

who is she?

I didn’t ask her round for tea!

But my mums lost her eyesight

what a bother

so knock me down with a feather,!

A Guide Dog she now has to have here

to share my house

oh dear oh dear!

But Polly Guide is just the best

I really have put her to the test

Licked her ears

and pawed her face

and tried to eat her food

with no trace

i curl up in her bed too

she is so warm

we stick like glue

she chases off the cat next door

who i really do abhor

in the garden she looks out for me

and other cats and dogs do have to flea

she barks loudly at them all

she really wont tolerate at all

any adversity in my way

so i think i will let her now stay!

Attention she has a lot

and sometimes i do feel a bit forgot

but i know my mum loves me

just as best

we both are on this little quest

to make sure mum is ok

and doesn’t get to mad about her sight each day!

and we will be friends

through and through

for this day and forever

its very true….

Author: Rosy

I became interested in poetry about a year ago and try to write about things from my heart that are associated with events in my life or events going on in the World at large or closer to home. I am a visual artist and still am to a certain extent having exhibited some of my work as a visually impaired artist using sponges to paint. I have lost most of my eyesight in recent years to advanced glaucoma and my vision is now very limited I am finding my creativity now evolving in writing poetry and hope to publish my own book of verse in the future. I have a blog page on Wordpress where I share my poetry, art, photography, thoughts and favourite quotes and prayers at https://rosypoems.com

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